Gary and the  team are top quality Guides, who have fished for their country. These Gillies or Guides know every nook and cranny of Lough Sheelin and will work hard all day to make sure you get the opportunity to catch your fair share of lively wild brown trout.

The Trout Season


March signals the start of the fishing on sheelin, during this month fishing can be enjoyed in isolated areas of the lake. Given favourable conditions the trout can feed hard on fry and shrimps and some quite large trout can be caught. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, our guides will ensure you get ample opportunities to catch these fish.

April and May

These are probably the two most popular months on the fishing calendar. April signals the start of the olive and buzzer fishing. These sturdy little flies are a pleasure to fish whether wet in small sizes or dry on top of the water to many free rising fish. May and the Lough is alive with the largest mayfly hatch in Ireland There is nothing as exciting as chasing a large wild trout with a dry mayfly imitation. The last week of May see's the murrough appear and huge fish can be caught, we fish till after midnight for these monster fish.

June and July

The first two weeks of June are regarded as the best for the spent gnat fishing depending on weather conditions Many people think that these two months are most difficult, how wrong can they be? Some mornings the lough experiences a magnificent hatch of caenis. This type of fishing is difficult, needs patience but is hugely rewarding. From mid June on, the lake gets good hatches of sedges and if conditions are favourable great fishing can be had.

August and September

In August we spend our time sedge fishing, usually with dry fly. During this month the daphnia appear and a lot of trout move to deeper water to feed on this plankton-like organism. Pulling wet flies through these large scholes of fish can be most exciting where two or three fish on at the same time is not unusual. The back end is a noted time for catching large trout as they feed hard for the long winter ahead

In order to preserve the stocks of these fantastic trout we try to observe a catch and release policy, however that is just our personal choice and we do not choose to enforce our views on others and if you wish to take your catch home with you it is not a problem.


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